“Pitch Hit and Run” Competition 2023

The Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program, in collaboration with Major League Baseball’s “Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities” (RBI) initiative, recently hosted its highly anticipated third annual “Pitch Hit and Run” competition. The event was well attended and brought together boys and girls aged 7 to 14 to showcase their baseball and softball skills and engage in friendly competition across four age-based categories.

Held at the baseball diamonds at McCarthy Park, the venue provides an ideal setting for WHJESP baseball and softball clinics and competitions. We were again fortunate to have weather that couldn’t have been more perfect, with sunny, clear skies and a warm, gentle breeze creating an inviting atmosphere for the participants and spectators alike.

The “Pitch Hit and Run” competition exemplified the spirit of true sportsmanship, inviting softball and baseball players from diverse neighborhoods and skill levels throughout the region to participate. The joy and enthusiasm displayed by the young athletes highlighted the positive impact of such programs on the local community.

Participants put their best foot forward as they competed in the three components of baseball – pitching, hitting, and running – seeking to demonstrate their potential and passion for the sport. The supportive and encouraging environment fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants, adding to the overall excitement of the day.

Pitch Hit and Run is a national event, and the participants’ performances were recorded and reported to Major League Baseball, offering them the chance to compete in other MLB national competitions and contend for various prizes.

The “Pitch Hit and Run” competition once again proved a resounding success. By promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication, this event offered a platform for young athletes to pursue their passion for baseball and softball while fostering a strong sense of community.



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