Willie Hutch Jones Educational & Sports Program is located at the following locations:

Frederick Law Olmstead at Kensington School #156
319 Suffolk Street
Buffalo, NY 14215

Erie County Youth Detention Center
810 E. Ferry St.
Buffalo, NY 14208

Asarese Matters Community Center
50 Rees Street
Buffalo, NY 14213

Nativity Miguel, St. Monica Campus
24 Hastings Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14215

The Belle Center

104 Maryland Street

Buffalo, NY 14201

Mykia LaNae Program Director

Nicole Robinson Site Manager
Aswad Jones Operations Officer

338 E Ferry St
Suite 115
Buffalo, NY 14208


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Willie Hutch Jones CEO

Mykia LaNae Program Coordinator

Aswad Jones & Crystal Hammer
Site Manager