Play Ball Weekend Recap

The third annual Play Ball Weekend, hosted by the Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program (WHJESP) in collaboration with Major League Baseball RBI and the Buffalo Bisons, was a resounding success. The event took place under sunny skies and favorable weather conditions, creating the perfect atmosphere for a day of fun and sports.


Buster T. Bison and Chip, the mascots, were present to welcome and interact with the enthusiastic participants. Over 150 individuals had the opportunity to engage with experienced coaches in a unique baseball and softball experience.


One of the highlights of the event was the Home Run Derby, where participants showcased their hitting skills. The camp featured three playing fields, each tailored to different skill levels and age groups, allowing participants to practice pitching, hitting, and running.


To keep the energy high, a house DJ played all the popular hits, ensuring that the kids remained energized and motivated throughout the activities. The Buffalo Bisons generously sponsored lunch, and the WHJESP team served the hungry ball players, ensuring they had the fuel they needed for the day.


Special thanks were extended to the coaches, Buffalo Bisons, Project Play of WNY,  WGRZ TV2, and parents for their support and involvement in making the event a success. Their contributions and dedication played a crucial role in creating a memorable experience for all the participants.


Watch the Playball Weekend Recap! 


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